Monday, March 30, 2009

A Story for Everyone Rushing About...

A young man was walking down a winding road. The road seemed to be narrowing with every forward step he took. With growing concern about his selected path and destination, he quickened his steps.
While speeding his way down the crooked thoroughfare, he noticed a small child watching him from behind a tree. The child smiled at him, but the young man continued to pursue his course with fervor.
Panting hard and feeling anxious about the ever shrinking road ahead, he paused to rest. There was the child, still watching him with interest. The road continued to grow smaller and smaller, though never seeming to end. He stopped once again, and again, there was the child. The young man stepped off the path and walked up to the small child. The child looked up at him quizzically and asked, “What’s the hurry?” The young man considered this question for a moment.
He responded, “I’m worried about the pathway ending”
“So then,” said the child, “What’s the hurry?”

Jessica Haight 2009

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I love this picture. I have no idea who the artist is or when it was painted, but I have always enjoyed the movement and feel of this piece of art. I could stay in fantasy land for quite a long time if I don't take the initiative to drag myself back into the breath of reality.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Spring in the Air...Lots to do

This is a great time to get organized and ready to really tackle this year of change. It seems that I've been in a deep freeze lately, but with the tease of a beautiful, warm day, my mind has begun to thaw. Lots to do! Ruby Begonia and the High Heeled Sneakers is moving ever closer to publication, which is so exciting! A few more loose ends and then she's off, to fly as high as she can go...
Looking forward to the pleasant, calm breath of spring.